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Date 26 Is The Day Of Disaster?

Praise be to God, 

"Verily in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day are signs for those who understand" 
- Al-Imran 190 

Disaster Year From 1500-2000: 
January 26 1531, earthquake in Lisbon, Portugal, killed 30,000 people 
January 26 1700, earthquake in the Pacific Ocean, from Vancouver Island, Southwest Canada off British Columbia to Northern California, 
Pacific Northwest, USA. Known as a megathrust earthquake. 
July 26 1805, earthquake in Naples, Calabria, Italy, 26,000 people died 
26 Aug 1883, eruption of Mount Krakatoa, killed 36,000 people are estimated 
26 Dec 1861, earthquake in Egion, Greece 
26 May 1872, earthquake in Owens Valley, USA 
26 Aug 1896, earthquake in Skeid, Land, Iceland 
26 November 1902, earthquake in Bohemia, now Czech Republic 
26 November 1930, earthquake in the Izu 
26 September 1932, earthquake in Ierissos, Greece 
26 Dec 1932, earthquake in Kansu, China, 70,000 people died 
26 October 1935, earthquake in Colombia 
26 Dec 1939, earthquake in Erzincan, Turkey, killed 41,000 people 
26 November 1943, earthquake in Tosya Ladik, Turkey 
26 Dec 1949, earthquake in Imaichi, Japan 
26 May 1957, earthquake in Bolu Abant, Turkey 
26 Mar 1963, earthquake in Wakasa Bay, Japan 
26 July 1963, earthquake in Skopje, Yugoslavia, 1,000 people died 
26 May 1964, earthquake in S. Sandwich Island 
26 July 1967, earthquake in Pulumur, Turkey 
26 September 1970, earthquake in Bahia Solano, Colombia 
26 July 1971, earthquake in the Solomon Islands 
26 April 1972, earthquake in Ezine, Turkey 
26 May 1975, earthquake in N. Atlantic 
26 May 1977, earthquake in Palu, Turkey 
26 Dec 1979, earthquake in Carlisle, UK 
26 April 1981, earthquake in Westmorland, USA 
26 May 1983, earthquake in Nihonkai, Chubu, Japan 
26 January 1985, earthquake in Mendoza, Argentina 
26 January 1986, earthquake in Tres Pinos, USA 
26 April 1992, earthquake in the Cape Mendocino, California, USA 
26 October 1997, earthquake in Italy 

and in year 2000 ....? 

26 Desember 2004, Tsunami in Aceh
26 May 2006 ,Yogyakarta earthquake  
26 June 2010Lake earthquake  
26 October 2010Tsunami Mentawai 
26 October 2010Merapi erupted 

What is it with these 26 dates? 

Surah Ash-Syu'ara is the 26th surah of the Qur'an. This Surah consists of 227 verses belonged Makkiyyah sura-sura. Named Ash Syu'ara (plural word from Ash sya'ir which means poet) taken from the word Ash Syuara contained in paragraph 224, that is the last part of this surah, when the Almighty Allah S.W.T specifically mention the position of Arab poets in the age of ignorance.

The poets that have properties very different from the apostles, they were followed by those who go astray and they like to play the reverse side of the tongue and they do not have a stance, not according to their deeds do not have a stance, they do not act according to what they say. 

Such traits are not occasionally found on the apostles. Therefore thus inappropriate when the Prophet Muhammad was accused as a poet and accused of being Al-Quran verse, the Qur'an is the revelation of Almighty Allah, not man-made.

Main and Ash contents Syu'ara:

1. Faith : Assurance that Allah will win the fight His apostles and their safety. Al Quran Allah's revelation actually brought down to earth by the Angel Gabriel as (Ruuhul Amiin); only Allah who must be worshiped.

2. The laws : The requirement to meet the quantities and scales; ban change poems that contain insults, scolding, superstition, superstition, and the lies.

3. Tales : Stories of Moses with Pharaoh, the story of Prophet Ibrahim to his people: the story of Noah to his people: the story of Prophet Salih as with his people (Thamud); story as with his people, Prophet Hud (Ad), story Prophet Lut as with his people: the story of Prophet Syu'aib Aikah as with the population.

4. And others : Destruction of a nation or people because they leave clues religion; the plants of diverse and change-perobahannya is evidence of God Almighty; Allah clues for the leader to apply gentle against his followers ; decline in the book of Quran in Arabic is called in the sacred books first.


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