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Don't Buy Jordan River Dates

   Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Tel Aviv, Hadiklaim Date Growers' Cooperative  brings together some of the world's leading producers of top-quality dates.

   The cooperative consolidates the activities of Israel's largest and most advanced date producers, including quality control, administration, marketing, sales and export activities. 

   Hadiklaim and its members enjoy important advantages in the rapidly growing  international market for date and date products. First and foremost, the geography  and climate of the region is ideal for date production, and dates have been grown  in the area since biblical times. Ancestral know-how in the caring of date palms and the harvesting of the fruit are passed on from generation to generation, yielding  crops that are hard to match in other areas. 

   Complementing these traditions, Hadiklaim growers have rapidly adopted the most  advanced agricultural methods and equipment. This powerful combination of ancient  knowledge and modern technology puts the cooperative far ahead of other facilities. 
We are proud to produce dates that repeatedly set industry standards in quality, appeal  and consumer satisfaction.

   Hadiklaim has a proven reputation for consistently delivering the highest quality dates - and this is combined with outstanding customer service, reliability and very attractive pricing. Hadiklaim name brands - King Solomon, Jordan River, etc. - are  among the most sought-after dates in the world.

   Hadiklaim is a cooperative bringing together the produce and capabilities of Israel's leading date growers. Some of our members are relatively large cooperative farms known as kibbutzim. Others are small or medium-sized private growers, often family-run businesses that have been date growers for generations. 

   Hadiklaim date farms stretch the length of Israel, from the Sea of Galilie to the Dead Sea region, from the Arava Desert to Beit Shean Valley. The map in the link below shows where our main packing houses are located: "Zemach Tmarim" is located in Zemach near the Kineret, "Tamar Shean" in Beit Shean and "Ardom Tmarim" in Eilat.

P/S: So, I advise to all of you, do not buy  these dates that made by Israel.

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