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Teachers' Day In My Present School.

   On Monday (17/05/2010), Teachers' Day with a gala celebration at once to hold Teachers' Day Celebration at my school. After the Official Assembly at the 'Dataran Kejat', Teachers' Day celebration continues at the same place. After completion of Teachers' Day celebration at the 'Dataran Kejat', Then, all teachers went to 'Sanggar Ilmu' and had their dining there.
   Meanwhile, my classmates and I, went up to the classroom to decorate the classroom to look nice and clean, because after this,  my classmates and I have to celebrating Teachers' Day with our beloved teachers who are specially invited by them. We had a very good time there!
My classmates along with our class history teacher.

Our classroom teacher.
Choral Speaking at 'Dataran Kejat'

Former principal SMTDLM. Cikgu Marzuki
Cake cutting ceremony.
My classmate with our classroom teacher. Cikgu Erwani & Aisyah
My best friends. Hanis & Shahirah
Cikgu Samila & Athira
Athira with her cupcakes.
Head of class just finished eating.
Farahin with Cikgu Erwani.
Alif & Najwa
Athirah had spot with a chocolate cake.

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